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A Day in the Life of a Corporate Finance Analyst

A Day in the Life of a Corporate Finance Analyst: Casual Friday, Mocking Consultants, and “Critical Emergencies” Warning: This article doesn’t feature models (or bottles), all-nighters, screaming Managing Directors, or VPs punching their fists through car windows. If you want … Continue reading

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How To Transition Into A Finance Career

Transitioning into a finance career after you’ve spent many years in another industry may seem exciting to some and daunting to others. The world of finance may offer a greater challenge as well as potential improvements in compensation, among other … Continue reading

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5 Lessons Monopoly Teaches Us About Finance And Investing

5 lessons Monopoly teaches us about finance and investing Monopoly has been a classic board game for over 100 years. It’s a real estate trading game that nearly everyone plays for fun and a chance to be a pretend real … Continue reading

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How Good Is Your Company’s 401(k)?

How Good Is Your Company’s 401(k)? Before deciding where to stash your retirement savings, make sure you put your company plan to the test Before you stuff the bulk of your retirement savings in your 401(k), it’s worth taking a … Continue reading

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